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Holding Hands


We specialize in providing counseling for the following areas:

We use cognitive behavioral, pyschodynamic and humanistic approaches to assist new mothers, couples, and partners to treat and manage depression, anxiety, trauma and other mental health issues that arise before, during and after pregnancy. We also address grief and loss associated with pregnancy loss and anxiety surrounding traumatic birth experiences.

Sometimes when building a family the process is not as easy as it is for others. The medical interventions associated with Infertility treatment can often leave mothers, their partners, and couples feeling isolated, depressed, anxious and hopeless. We assist mothers, their partners and couples who have struggled to become pregnant, remain pregnant or have medical challenges that make traditional pregnancy options difficult or impossible navigate the emotional and psychosocial aspects of this landscape.

Sometimes in life we acquire life changing disabilities and illnesses that prevent us from living the lives we once thought possible. This can leave individuals feeling disconnected with their identities, create trauma, and result in depression, anxiety and other complicated psychosocial issues. We strive to assist individuals who have chronic illness and disability with adjustment, developing new identities and perspectives and with engaging in their world in new ways.


Throughout life individuals find their own ways of coping with challenging times, thoughts and feelings. Sometimes people use substances to escape their world as it is, which can result in use that gets out of control and create problems in one's life. We provide counseling services to assist individuals with managing or quitting their substance use.

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