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Person First Counseling Services, PLLC believes in the value of being seen and heard when our hearts are struggling. Feeling alone in our struggles is what we perceive to be the biggest barrier to overcome when trying to develop and achieve goals. 


  • Connection- We believe that people come to therapy because they feel disconnected from themselves and from others in their lives. We believe that we should be the link to increase connection for individuals who feel isolated in their experience to help them become connected to those in their lives again. 

  • Consciousness- We believe that being aware of what is happening and being aware of what you need is our goal. 

  • Compassion- We believe that providing judgment-free care, and a genuine care to those we serve will assist them in reaching their goals. 

  • Congruence-We believe that you need a therapist that recognizes what it takes for you to be authentic and who you are. As part of this, we will be authentic and bring to you who we are.

  • Courage- We believe that it takes courage to seek help and courage is what drives the ability to make change. 

This agency strives to operate from a perspective that we are people first, and we need to feel seen and heard to make meaning of our lives. We believe that connection is the source of healing. Feeling loved and cared for, as well as being able to make meaning of our lives by giving to others is how we remake our identity. We strive to ensure that you feel loved, cared for, and that you recognize your own worth. 

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About Jennifer McDougal,PhD, LCMHC, LCAS, CRC

Jennifer McDougal (She/Her/Hers) has worked as a mental health, rehabilitation and addictions counselor in a variety of settings for over 15 years. She has worked within public and private mental health agencies as well as in university career and counseling centers. Through her experience in addictions and rehabilitation counseling, she has developed her belief that connection and meaning are often required ingredients when healing from trauma.  
Jennifer started Person First Counseling Services, PLLC as a means to fill what she perceived to be a gap in mental health services, particularly for those struggling with infertility and its medical interventions. She has received training in Perinatal Mental Health Counseling and is currently pursuing additional certification in this area.

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1752 Heritage Center Dr., Suite 201
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