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Infertility is a common issue among women with nearly 12% of women in the United States experiencing difficulty becoming pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term (CDC, 2021). Women are not alone in this experience, however, as research suggests that as much as 35% of difficulties in conception can be explained by male factor.  Research also suggests that infertility rates are increasing across the globe. You are not alone. 

Person First Counseling Services knows that the inability to become pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term creates significant trauma and often involves highly invasive medical procedures. The process of resolving infertility for couples can often create significant physical, emotional, moral, religious, cultural, and financial turmoil. The decisions couples must make are often done so in an isolated and lonely space. It can impact the couple's intimacy and relationships with others. We want to help you navigate this, whether it be one or both of you. We are here to walk you through this confusing and isolating experience.

Many of the same procedures that help couples who are medically experiencing issues related to fertility are also used to assist same sex couples with growing their family. These families often face stigma and resistance from medical providers, family, friends and communities. We are here to treat anyone who is experiencing challenges in family building and to assist you in resolving your family planning and building, in whatever capacity you choose. 

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