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Therapy Session


Individual Initial Session

Initial Intake Assessment- 90 min- $150

Teletherapy Individual Sessions

30 min - $50

45 min Teletherapy- $75

60 min Teletherapy- $100

In-Person Individual Sessions

30 min Office Visit Psychotherapy- $60

45 min Office Visit Psychotherapy- $100

60 min Office Visit Psychotherapy- $125

Supportive Friend


Couples Initial Session

Couples Initial Intake Assessment- $175

Teletherapy Couples Sessions

30 min Teletherapy Couples Session- $70

45 min Teletherapy Couples Session- $100

60 min teletherapy Couples Session- $125

In-Person Couples Sessions

30 min Office Visit Couples Session- $70

45 min Office Visit Couples Session- $105

60 min Office Visit Couples Session- $135

Counseling Group


Group Virtual Session Prices

2 hour Virtual Group Session- $45

3 hour Virtual Group Session- $60

Group In-Person Session Prices

2 hour in-person Group Session- $50

3 hour in-person Group Session- $65

Group Virtual Packages (individuals): 

4- 2 hour virtual sessions- $150/mo

4- 3 hour virtual sessions- $175/mo

8- 2 hour virtual sessions- $285/mo

8- 3 hour virtual sessions- $325/mo

Group In-Person Packages (Individuals)

4-2 hour in-person sessions- $200/mo

4-3 hour in-person sessions- $250/mo

8-2 hour in-person sessions- $300/mo

8-3 hour in-person sessions- $350/mo

Arm Around Shoulder


Sometimes you can't access an individual or group session and you need a quick comforting message from your therapist. We can provide monthly packages so you can text message your therapist periodically throughout the month when needed. This is especially helpful during holiday or weekends, when you need a comforting word, but your therapist cannot be present for more than a few minutes. 

0-4 texts per month-  $20

5-10 texts per month- $35

11-15 texts per month- $50

15-20 texts per month- $150

21-30 texts per month- $200

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