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We provide individual, couples, group and family counseling specializing in perinatal mental health, infertility counseling,  rehabilitation counseling, and addictions counseling.


We deliver counseling and psychosocial adjustment services for individuals, partners and families by giving them the opportunity to heal through acceptance, empathy and authentic engagement.

We strive to provide a welcoming environment to all individuals trying to heal from the struggles of family building, family planning, disability and addiction. 


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We use existential, cognitive behavioral, pyschodynamic and humanistic approaches to assist new mothers, couples, and partners to treat and manage depression, anxiety, trauma and other mental health issues that arise before, during and after pregnancy. We also address grief and loss associated with pregnancy loss and anxiety surrounding traumatic birth experiences.

Sometimes family building does not happen the way you expect and the process may not be as easy as you thought. The medical interventions associated with Infertility treatment can often leave you feeling isolated, depressed, anxious and hopeless. We assist you in navigating the emotional and psychosocial aspects of the choices you must make through cognitive behavioral, humanistic as well as supportive counseling interventions.

 We strive to assist individuals who have acquired a life-changing disability, and/or chronic illness with adjustment, developing new identities and perspectives and with engaging in their world in new ways. Through career counseling interventions, identity development, resiliency training, as well as trauma-informed interventions, we assist you in developing effective ways of coping with these changes in your life. 

If substance use has become problematic within your life, in your attempt to cope with the new challenges you have faced, we can help. If you believe substance use may be contributing to your conception challenges we are here to assist. Through motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral interventions and contingency management interventions, we can work together to develop a plan for overcoming your substance behaviors. Our treatment is individualized to your specific concerns and goals with substance use.

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I look forward to meeting you. Together, we will embark on a journey towards a better life. For your privacy, provide only a brief description in the message area.

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